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19th Jan 2005: Added a Downloads page for obtaining the full code.

28th Dec 2005: Corrected the effect of misses on combo point generation. Now the miss rate is included in the time to create one CP. This has no effect when >= 5% to hit bonuses are applied.

12th Dec 2005: Corrected Aggression talent; now applies to Eviscerate and removed effect on Hemorrhage.

9th Dec 2005: Revamped website.

30th Nov 2005: Fixed AC on back slot. Added a few more items.

25th Nov 2005: Added ranged slot (bows, crossbows & guns) to the AEP chart. Also allowed the chart to be reduced to show only the slot you are interested in.

17th Nov 2005: Added Improved Slice-n-Dice in the calculations. The AEP coefficients now also take this into account as they are based on whatever attack style does the most DPS for you.

17th Nov 2005: Improved the layout of the starting page.

13th Nov 2005: Fixed the max non-crit and max-crit reported for offhand hits. It wasn't getting the offhand damage reduction (with or without dual wield spec) applied. This didn't change the overall DPS though as that used the averaged values.

8th Nov 2005: Despite documenting Hemorrhage as using the unnormalised attack delay, the implementation still normalised it. Changed it to work properly.

4th Nov 2005: Added fist weapons and fist weapon spec. They're taken as 2.4 speed for instant attacks.

4th Nov 2005: Fixed bug in DPS calculation whereby the offhand weapon was considered to be the weapon type (dagger, sword, etc) of mainhand.

3rd Nov 2005: Fixed item DB for Puissant cape and Imperial Jewel.

3rd Nov 2005: Fixed scoring of Fire Resist