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As this code is, for now, not being updated I decided to make it public so others can contribute and host versions on their own site.

I do this under the GPL (GNU General Public Licence). Basically it means this work and any derived works also have to be made publically available at the source code level. It doesn't mean you cannot charge for access or use adverts etc, just that you cannot charge if someone asks for a copy of (any original or derived) source code.

Download: brogetta_dps-1.0.zip

The code is a mixture of hand written HTML and somewhat ugly Perl. I make no excuses for the bad style... it's free so take it or leave it :-). It assumes a somewhat odd directory layout (specific to plusnet no doubt) of html files in the parent directory of the cgi-bin. It's trivial to edit this though. Also note that there's no fantastic database backing up the AEP system; just something as mundane as a perl hash stored in a separate file for ease of editing. Hideous, but quick.

I know there's great web talent out there so if you enchance it and make better versions available please let me know and I'll link to them. There's a big "To Do" list at the top of the rogue_dps.pl file. I suspect most of this stuff I will not have time to do myself now given that I predominantly play EQ again instead of WoW and the inability to migrate characters means I no longer even have my lvl 60 rogue.