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Brogetta's sustained rogue DPS calculator

Mainhand weapon Offhand weapon
Name: Name:
Weapon type: Weapon type:
Min damage: Min damage:
Max damage: Max damage:
Delay: Delay:
Stats (excl. talents)
Attack power:
%to-hit from items:
%to-crit from items:
Assassination Combat Subtlety
Improved Eviscerate Improved Sinister Strike Opportunity
Malice Improved Backstab Improved Ambush
Ruthlessness Precision Hemorrhage
Improved SnD Dual Wield Spec.
Relentless Strikes Dagger Spec.
Lethality Fist Spec.
Seal Fate Sword Spec.

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This page was written by Brogetta of Clan Nan Dreolan on Terenas.