Everquest stuff

I play a rogue named Brogett on Prexus. I haven't got much in the way of EQ links listed here except for the most important one... the guild I'm in:
Clan Nan Dreolan.

World of Warcraft stuff

I also play WoW too... again a rogue, but this time named Brogetta on the US Terenas server (and sometimes Brogett or Brogetta on the EU Silvermoon server). WoW-CND guild is my WoW home.

If you came visiting here though the chances are you were looking for my rogue damage calculator and Agility Equivalence Points charts.

Also of note is RogueSpot, a great site of like-minded rogues who want to cut through the rubbish on the forums and keep track of how things *really* work. The maintainer (and predominant poster) is Cerias, although Ming's jottings are to be found there too.